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Welcome to my website. Since getting into astrophotography in 2008, I have been progressing my way up the learning curve, trying to develop a better understanding of astrophotography and working to improve my capture and processing techniques. Various applications and a few equipment changes later I'm starting to get the hang of it however, with the weather in the UK there are often big gaps in between new images being produced and I found I had forgotten the techniques used previously and wasn't learning from my mistakes. To address this problem I decided to build a website which acts as a logbook capturing both the images taken, as well as the techniques I've used. In this way I can look back and remember and hopefully avoid scratching my head in between long spells of cloud.

If you stumble upon my site on your internet travels I hope you find some of the details useful and interesting.

Ivor Lawrence

astro at jovets.co.uk

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